Zero Year tie-ins are Coming!

by Gilbert Rivera
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In a New York Post exclusive, DC revealed that, much like their previous Batman arcs, Zero Year will be have tie-ins spanning the rest of the Bat-books.

Following the pattern of the mega-successful “Night of the Owls” mini-event across the Batman titles last year, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and the gang are looking to strike Batgold again this November with a similar “Batman: Zero Year” mini-extravaganza.

While DC has not revealed which books will tie-in, you should expect the usual suspects Batman & Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Teen Titans, and Red Hood, to be involved.

As for it tampering with Scott Snyder’s plan, it seems the writer is more than okay with the additions.


“I was writing it as a singular story and some of other writers asked with the Bat-characters in particular, if they might be able to show where their characters were during this kind of seminal moment in the story, when Gotham is at a very dangerous moment,” [said] Snyder.
“I’m really, really happy that they wanted to do it just because we are really close, all of us working on the Batbooks and it’s fun when they say ‘We’d like to tie in and show where our characters are’ … I’ll never say no to that when they ask.”

Seems the Bat-train is not showing any signs of slowing down, and in my humble opinion, it is a GREAT time to be a fan of The Bat.  What do you all think? Let us know with your comments below, like us on Facebook, and follow our Twitter @DKNewsCom!

Source – NY Post

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