ARKHAM ORIGINS: Joker & Bane Appearances + New Image Stills

Warner Bros. hosted a pre-E3 event featuring an appearance by Joker. Click the jump to see more.

Tim Turi from Gamer Informer got a chance to play some of the game at a pre-E3 event hosted by Warner Bros. Lucky…anyway he dishes about what’s going on the new game, Batman: Arkham Origins. What was really interesting from his write up is that as Batman was able to meet up with Joker and Bane in the game. See what Turi says about the appearance by Joker and Bane:

Bane is ‘roid-raging harder than usual, and the Joker demonstrates his fondness for remote-detonated bombs. He dances arkhamorigins-1207-610among a series of festively decorated explosives plungers, triggering one that blows up an unoccupied construction site in the distance. He threatens Batman that the next explosion won’t be so benign.

It’s good to know that Joker was not going to be absent from the game and Bane is a good add since The Dark Knight Rises. The trailer is out and if you want to read more of the gameplay by Tim Turi from Game Informer go to the source link below.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be out October 25, 2013. Stay tuned for more info on the game. See some of the images from the game below.

arkhamorigins-1207-1 arkhamorigins-1207-3 arkhamorigins-1207-4 arkhamorigins-1207-5 arkhamorigins-1207-6 arkhamorigins-1207-7 arkhamorigins-1207-610 batman arkham origins


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Source- Game Informer