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The game has officially come out a few weeks ago, now let’s see the prequel events of what leads up to Injustice: Gods Among Us with Issue #16. Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: As the Arkham inmates run rabid throughout the asylum, Batman tries to contain the inmates while the other Justice Leaguers try to take them the inmates out.

REACTIONS: The game has officially come out a few weeks ago, and so far people are going crazy over the story plot for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Even though, the story was done by Netherrealm, Tom Taylor (former writer of Legends of the Dark Knight and writer of Injustice: Gods Among Us) has made the prequel story line for this side universe to be quite compelling. Taylor makes sure to set up a lot of elements to come into play in future issues of this series. Everything Taylor writes has a deliberate and purposeful use throughout this series. In Issue #16 (digitally) of Injustice, one is able to see all the elements that Taylor has put out for the readers/fans come into ultimate play in this issue.



PRAISES: This issue is a game changer just like a few other issues in this series, but for Batman fans this is a definite one! A lot of characters from the Batman universe make an appearance such as the Riddler, Killer Croc, and Calendar Man. Taylor gives Riddler a cheesy line about killing Batman with a riddle. The cheesy line suited Riddler well, but it shows that Riddler is an extremely small minor character in this series. One should not expect this character to make an appearance too much along with Killer Croc and Calendar Man. However, it was nice to see Taylor utilize them in this issue.

injustice1Harley Quinn’s relationship with Green Arrow is very sweet and charming. It’s believable to see Harley attracted to another character that is not Joker. Green Arrow is a nice pick for Harley since he’s a bit of a jokester with a nice sense of humor, and he’s a hero at the same time. It’s quite refreshing to see Harley like a good guy every once in awhile. It doesn’t mean that Harley will become a hero, it just shows she has a taste for a guy who shoots arrows with punching gloves for arrow heads. Yeah, Green Arrow has a purposeful sense of humor.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty part of this issue that will not be too spoiled for those who are reading the series as a hard copy comic book. As stated before Taylor sets up elements throughout his writing, Taylor sets up the relationship between Damian Wayne (Robin) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) in previous issues. This relationship is very vital in this issue, as in previous issues Damian likes to chuck his baton at Dick’s head quite a lot. It’s great to see Taylor explore the relationship in this series outside of the current continuity of The New 52. Taylor makes sure to play up on Damian and Dick’s relationship as mentor injustice3and mentee of the Robin mantle. He showcases the difference between the two characters as a Robin, in which Damian is more stubborn and more of a utilitarian (the ends justify the means) type. Unlike Dick Grayson, who has an easy going nature and has spent more time as Robin than Damian. The two characters are very different from one another, and so their choices and decisions are polar opposites. In Issue 16, one will see the smallest decision both characters make that will define Batman’s universe in this series. Taylor presents Damian and Dick in a very interesting situation that pushes the story along and sets in stone what Injustice: Gods Among Us is as a game. No one is ever safe and everyone suffers in the end.

Injustice - Gods Among Us (2013-) 016-002

Mike S. Miller (artist of Injustice) impressed us with his action panel with Batman stealthy taking down Solomon Grundy who is also in this issue. Anyone who is a Harley Quinn fan, and thinks Harley is just sexy as hell. Well, Miller makes her look even sexier in this issue. It’s a bit blatant the way Harley is presented in this issue, but there are fans who love that part about her. Every panel in this issue is done very well and the art execution dealing with the tragedy of this story would make one gasp loudly.

DISAPPOINTMENTS: No disappointments, this time around. Perfecto!  Tragedy all around and it doesn’t stop.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a series that will be around for awhile and Tom Taylor is a really good writer who has tried to support the female characters in this series. We appreciate that greatly, since Wonder Woman has been portrayed in the game with one-dimensional motives. Taylor is trying to make the character a bit more two-dimensional with some better motivations in this comic book series.

Taylor enjoys heroines, when Injustice: Gods Among Us is all said and done or when Taylor leaves the series. DC Comics should offer him another Batman title or a nice Superman title to write on. Clearly, he has a love for both characters’ universes so it would be cool to see him on a heroine title such as Batgirl, Catwoman, or Supergirl. He appreciates the heroines in the comic book universe, and it would be good to see him revise or continue these heroine books. As long as Taylor kills the pages on Injustice, he’s fine where he is.

Rating: 10/10, MUST READ ISSUE!   

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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