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Wonder Con 2013 began with Scott Snyder talking about Batman: Zero Year. What does he have in store for fans at telling The New 52 version of Batman’s origins? Click the jump to see more.


The Batman: Zero Year Panel began with Scott Snyder and his new story arc that will be premiering in June. Here’s what Snyder said about the new ambitious arc:

“When you try to be a hero in Gotham, it creates villains that are extensions of the worst things around you. Dick Grayson is such an openly emotional and vulnerable character (on pre New 52 Detective Comics), when Dick was Batman. I wanted to create a character that was a polar opposite to Dick Grayson, so I used James Gordon, Jr. In the New 52’s, I destabilize Bruce the way he did Dick which motivated the creation of the Court of Owls.”

We can all concur that “The Court of Owls” is still a good selling story arc and allows both Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (artist of Batman) shine throughout all the pages. Onto, Batman: Zero Year Scott Snyder proclaims that this story arc will be something you’ve never seen before.

“With ‘Zero Year’ we’re absolutely, 100% [doing new takes on old ideas], I’m not trying to rewrite Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s ‘Year One’ story. There’s nothing in ‘Zero Year’ that readers have seen before. If I write ‘Year One’, you’ll get snyder-batmanzeroyeara poor version of ‘Year One.’ It became obvious that the events of ‘Year One’ couldn’t have happened as depicted in The New 52. What happened was other stories came along the way like Selina Kyle’s history being different, James, Jr. would only be six years old…Gordon was different, the Falcone’s were different. I will never change core things like Joe Chill.

I could rewrite ‘Year One’ for you and say ‘Everything that happened happened’ and make a poor imitation of it, if I try to do things like the pearls or the lamp, it’s just a poor imitation.  Or we can try to do something f-ing new…let’s try to give you an origin you’ve never seen, characters you’ve never seen, moments you’ve never seen, tech you’ve never seen…a Gotham you’ve never seen before! It”s impossible to reach a masterpiece like ‘Year One,’ but we’re aiming high with ‘Zero Year.’ We are giving this our best effort. I’ve never worked as hard on anything. Greg Capullo told me that he resigned with DC and stipulated in his contract that he’s allowed to draw Batman and Batman only for as long as he wants contract states  and that I can only write Batman, if I want, and says that he is committed at this point through #48 or #49.”

It’s interesting to see Scott Snyder trying to be so bold to pursue this origin story that is supposed to be entirely different from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. All that one can say is that Snyder’s run on the origin story will be an updated version of Batman’s origins, which is kind of like seeing the Amazing Spiderman movie as an update to Tobey McGuire’s Spiderman. Let’s a take a break from Batman for a moment and let’s talk a little bit of Talon with James Tynion IV who is also in this panel.

James Tynion IV (writer of Talon and new writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws) talks about his relationship with Scott Snyder as a student and as wrtiers.

“I was a student of his (Snyder) about five years ago or so, up at Sarah Lawrence College. It was just a regular writing BGkD28dCQAADGJKworkshop; Scott was starting to have his first conversations with Marvel and Vertigo about getting his work out there. I was the kid in the class that knew everything about comics. As a student, I wrote him (Snyder) a long essay about superhero comics when I learned he loved the comics medium. We began to discuss stories on the phone even when I spent a semester abroad in Ireland, which racked up some phone bills that upset my father.

It’s been an incredible joy and by April there’s something coming out from DC every week of the month. You can’t do a small Bane story (Talon #7), the story will spin out of my work on the backup for ‘Detective Comics’ #19.”

If you haven’t seen the sneak peek cover of Talon #7, Calvin Rose will be facing off against Bane in front of the Court of Owls. So, is Bane working for or is he using the Court to meet his needs. Anyway, it’s good to see Bane back to his usual costume of the mucha lucha attire with venom. It’s his classic look and that something that should stay the same.

That’s all from the Batman: Zero Year Panel, it’s sure to be an epic summer filled with exciting stories.

Down the line, I will find a full clip of  Batman: Zero Year Panel and post it below. See Batman #22 cover sneak peek below.

Source- Newsarama, CBR

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