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There are talks about Young Justice returning to television. Click the jump to see more.


According to an update about the most popular show on DC Nation, Young Justice.  There might be talks of the show coming back. Remember this is just talk, there is actually no press release or confirmation that this might happen. However, it’s great to know that all the petitions, facebook comments, and tweets have actually done some good leading up to this point. See the response below to all the petitioning:

Hi All,

Apologies for the delayed posting here on Tumblr and Facebook – as you might have heard via our tweet last night, there is a meeting on the books with WB to discuss bringing back GLTAS and YJ.  The meeting is set for April 11.

We are extremely excited to be meeting with them and we will do everything we possibly can to get your shows’ formal approval.  They are listening; your support pushed this to the top, so thank them and continue to tell them you want the chance to bring these shows back.   It’s working.

We will continue to keep you informed as we progress with these shows.  Hope to have more info soon.

Hopefully, the meeting will push for the shows to return and there should be an immediate discussion about how Cartoon Network needs to promote the DC Nation block more in their commercials. Keep the hope alive and continue to petition.

Comment down below, DKN Facebook, or DKNewsCom about what you think of this update.

Source- Smog TV 

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