Baltimore Batman’s Got a New Ride and Intends to Travel Across Country

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Remember Lenny Robinson? You probably don’t recognize his secret identity, but he’s what folks have been calling the Baltimore Batman. He made headlines last year when he was caught on tape being pulled over for not having the right plates on his black Lamborghini. That video went viral because the man in the Lambo was dressed in a Tim Burton Batsuit. If that wasn’t badass enough, the press soon discovered thereafter the reason behind his attire. Robinson visits hospitals to boost morale of the ailing children.

Well, the news this week is that Robinson is unveiling his 1966 replica Batmobile for a Batman Inc.-style cross-country trek. The dude is determined to make good. Since he returned in this article, I suppose the Dark Knight Strikes Again this week, right? Right? Sorry, bad joke.

In the above video, Robinson proclaims “It’s the most rewarding thing I personally have ever done in my entire life.” I gotta admit, I got a little choked up. It makes me feel good that though he may not be trained to combat supervillains, it shows that he’s still taking Batman’s philosophy to heart: Though you may be one man, you can still make a difference.

How do you feel about his Batman Inc. philosophy and branching out his kind deeds to the rest of the country? Let me know.

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Source – ABC 7 News Washington DC

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