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Mattel dishes out about what’s to come for their Batman toy line. Click the jump to see more.

Some really good things will be coming our way from Mattel. New action figures for Batman Unlimited Line from the new TV show coming this summer 2013, Beware the Batman. Another addition or better yet a new modification of the Damian Wayne action figure will allow fans to use the figure more. See below from what Mattel says about the figures coming up:

For Beware the Batman figures as part of the Batman Unlimited Line.   MattyAFiLogo These figures feature a fabulous new design about which our design team is very excited!  The great thing about Batman Unlimited Line the is that it allows us to pull from all of the sources of Batman content.

The final figure of Damian Wayne (Robin) will have open hands to allow you to have him hold weapons.  The NYTF model was an early version.  In terms of his build, that is staying as is.

So, Beware the Batman will be a slight or a bit of a rip-off from previous Batman figures over the years. The coolest thing that will be added to Damian Wayne (Robin) will be that you can let him hold weapons with is movable hands, which is a huge plus! Mattel will also have the 1966 Batman figures, where Batman (Adam West) and Robin’s (Burt Ward) capes will be flexible plastic capes and Batman and Robin need to be able to sit in the Batmobile!  

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Source- AFI 

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