Makeshift Memorial for Damian Wayne Outside Comic Book Store

The recent passing of Damian Wayne (aka Robin aka Bruce Wayne’s son) has set the comic book community – let’s face it, the world – ablaze with rampant discussion. Though I’m not the most enthusiastic comic book reader, I’m well aware of the controversy that Damian has caused since his inception.  His introduction has been contentious at best and it seems he has effectively divided the Bat-fans. Say what you will about him, but it seemed nobody was expecting that to happen to yet another Robin.

I’m not sure I’d be mourning his death any time soon, but the shock over his demise has at least caused some Bat-fans out there some grief. Yesterday, a Redditor snapped this picture of a makeshift memorial to the late Robin, outside a local comic book store.



On display in the shop’s window is the latest issue of Batman Incorporated, where Grant Morrison has seemingly told this Boy Wonder’s last great adventure.  Next to it is a message by fans exclaiming their unwillingness to forget, a candle burning brightly, and bouquet of of flowers rounds out this commemoration.

Will you be forgetting Damian Wayne anytime soon? Let me know.

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Adam Poncharoen​sub

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