Who wants to be Batman?

by Blake Fuller
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It’s every Batman-fan’s dreams, and it could become a reality for some.  The chance to become Batman in real life!  Well, not in a crime fighting way.  Six Flags of New England is looking to hire over 3,000 people this summer including actors to play the “Caped Crusader”.  If you are interested:

The park is holding a job fair on Friday and Saturday, and applicants at least 16 years old must come dressed to impress, although Pinkerton says there’s no need to wear a cape or tights for people applying to play a superhero.

The season opens at the end of April and runs through the end of October. Pay starts at $8 an hour.

We all know that there are people that dress up for special occasions such as Halloween  comic-con, etc. as Batman, but getting paid to be the “Dark Knight” is something completely unimaginable.  If you are in the area, or willing to travel, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Source – 7NEws

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