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Have you seen this week’s Young Justice episode 11? This week is all about the team fighting within the Hall of Justice against an alien gladiator. Click the jump to see the review.


Episode 11 felt like an action packed filler episode, where the characters are expressing some resistant emotions of what happened in episode 10, “Before the Dawn.” It is a much needed episode to show off some new characters such as the young Static Shock who is gaining some powers after The Reach genetically altered his genes to become meta-human like. There are a few things in this episode that are being set-up for future episodes, here’s the breakdown:

  • The Reach is systematically turning the public against the Justice League by manipulating the government and media to do so.
  • Many of the abducted teens will probably work for the Justice League or become The Reach’s new army.
  • Miss Martian is dealing with the fact that she overuses her powers and is hesitant to fight. She is clearly unsure of herself.
  • Blue Beetle might become Justice League’s game changer against The Reach or become the reason for the downfall of Earth.


The Reach is proving to be one of hell of a threat. Every time the team turns a corner, The Reach is there cutting them off. For the most part, The youngjusticeep11.2Reach is cutting off the team’s locations that is forcing them to have very little to no shelter to stay in. It also means that the team is unable to investigate The Reach in a disclosed location. So, they’re basically becoming stranded. We see this towards the end of the episode. As far as the abducted teens are concerned, the team will have to start creating an army for they cannot keep up with The Reach with their small team. Young Static Shock will have to do, hopefully he will be able to join in the near future. Miss Martian sucked in this episode, but this is all due to what happened in “Before the Dawn.” It is necessary for Miss Martian to deal with the consequences of her actions and having hesitant feelings about using her powers now. Now what is the point of the “Thunderdome” alien gladiator? One, you still want to see action. You wouldn’t want to see everyone trying to figure out their feelings in this episode that would be boring as hell. Why not have a little death match at the Hall of Justice? It’s good move in order to destroy the Hall of Justice where the team wanted to do most of their operations to investigate The Reach. Now, that the so called “Thunderdome” alien gladiator has destroyed most of the Hall of Justice. Where will the team go now? The watchtower is out since The Reach outed them to the public about having “an all seeing eye” in space, little fart tarts.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

As for Mal, he tried his best to fight but um…he needs to chill with the heroism when it comes to aliens. Yeah, he’s best as a brawly technical support guy. Now, Blue Beetle who is at odds with the Scrab could become a deciding factor to either win the battle between The Reach and the team or become the sole reason why Earth will lose to the alien invasion. Blue Beetle has become a worthy character in Young Justice and it’s no surprise that he will be the deciding factor.

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