It has been confirmed, well officially. James Tynion IV is now the new writer for Red Hood & the Outlaws. Scott Lobdell wishes him well, click the jump to see more.

So, James Tynion IV will become the new current writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws. It’s awesome to see him take on this book. Now, I expectedred18 Tynion to bring a darker edge to the comic book title just like he has with Talon. However, this is not case. According to his interview on Newsarama he states the following, here’s a breakdown of what Tynion’s going to do:

The breakdown.

  •  It’s not going to be moody or dark, the comic book title will continue to be AN ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE book.
  • New story arc will focus mostly on Roy Harper (his past, his relationships, and how he ended in the prison in Issue #1 of Red Hood).
  • Tynion has some threats for the team to tackle so the action is there!

It’s short, sweet, and simple. Tynion will keep what the Hoodie fans love, which is an action packed adventure book. However, Tynion is the master of suspense so he won’t disappoint. You can hope for a bit of Mission: Impossible from him with a couple of twists and turns while Tynion writes interesting character developments that will make you love the characters even more. For those who are or have become die hard Scott Lobdell fans since the beginning of The New 52’s, this bit of news is a blow to you. But, have no fear Lobdell states this about Tynion:

I’m leaving you in the more than capable hands of James Tynion! As anyone who has been following his Batman back-ups and his Talon launch knows James is an exciting young writer with talent way beyond his years. I can’t wait to pick up RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #19 and see where he is going with the series!

y4H1RSo, Lobdell has given Tynion his blessing and Tynion is deeply humbled for the opportunity to follow Lobdell’s work. The two are pretty close and want to make the transition as comfortable as possible for Hoodie fans so that it doesn’t feel like an abrupt turn of events in writing. Another great add to this comic book title is Mico Suayan. He is from Marvel right now,  but he has done work with DC Comics on Batman: The Dark Knight #0. The first few pages were his work on the comic book title before Juan Jose Ryp continues with his work. If you seen it, the first few pages were dark and gritty. So, even though Tynion is going to keep the adventure time mood of the comic book title;  Suayan will bring the grit to the characters and situation. The one thing that will kind of bug Hoodie fans is that Suayan might not show good fight sequences or draw them well on paper. The fight sequences need to show movement and fluidity  similar to Kenneth Rocafort (former artist of Red Hood) and Timothy Green II (former artist of Red Hood). Hopefully, Mico Suayan will impress us.

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Source- Newsarama & Comicvine