by Kristina

What the hell? DC Comics is now threatening creators and writers due to the marketing sales. Will this work? Click the jump to see more.


2012 was not the year for DC Comics to reign supreme. For 2012, it was Image Comics with their Walking Dead and DC didn’t even make it to top ten. Batman made it up to number 17 followed by Justice League at number 19.  So, what’s a publisher to do? Well, there’s bitching about it but Dan Didio says to creators and writers for 2013 to shape the hell up! Here are the following threats:

  1. Loss of future work
  2. Take down interviews and articles about new creative teams that are getting the boot

It’s no joke, yes DC Comics is suffering right now as Marvel Now takes 2013 by storm. However, if you threaten people to write good stories; you’re never going to get a story. If I had to blame anybody, then blame the editors because they’re not keeping up with what the writers are doing. If you want to blame writers for not doing good story telling, then maybe the editors or even the publishers should ask themselves “How did we mess up?” There shouldn’t be any threats for one because nothing gets resolved and attacking  lower selling to mid-tier books won’t help if there isn’t a huge audience for them to begin with.  So, all the threats won’t help anybody. You’re just going to have to wise up, figure out the strengths of your writers and give them characters they can make shine on page, and try to adhere to the fans’ requests because they know what they want to read by the end of the day.

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Source- Bleeding Cool 

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