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Issue #18 may have a new writer taking over Red Hood & the Outlaws. Click the jump to see more.

Rumor has it that Scott Lobdell (current writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws) will be getting off of the comic book title. Who will be taking over after Lobdell leaves? Well, James Tynion IV (writer of Talon) and Scott Snyder’s protege. Is this a good move? It can be if Tynion has good material for the comic book title. Tynion is more of a voice-over narration writer where you read more about the character’s internal feelings than the dialogue. This is only a simple nitpick, but he is a superb story teller and well…he can give Red Hood and gang some darker story telling for future issues. Hopefully, Red Hood fans will enjoy his run on the comic book title. 

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Source- Bleeding Cool 


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