Marion Cotillard Talks About Gun Violence


I’ve never felt good about guns. Especially when it’s out of control,” Cotilard said last month in a conversation with THR last month.  “Sadly, I guess, it’s in America’s culture, and I believe it’s going to be hard to change that because some people can’t be secure without it. It’s creating at the same time this insecurity. It’s a vicious circle.”  This is the sad truth.  America has had a reputation of being seen as violent or bullies and with everything going on in the world now, we as a people are coming to a crisis point and  weather we know it or know it or not, the change will either be good or bad.  Cotilard was said to be “visibly shaken” still when recalling the Colorado shooting.  Do you agree with her statement?  What do you we can do to be better?  Sound off in the comments below.


Source: THR