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Aquaman’s crossover has begun and where does Batman fit in all this besides him peeping Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship? Justice League #15 preview, click the jump to see more.

PLOT:  Part 1 of “THRONE OF ATLANTIS,” crossing over with AQUAMAN! Don’t miss the debut of IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO (AQUAMAN) as the new JUSTICE LEAGUE art team! Can the Justice League band together to battle the forces of Atlantis?

Well, Geoff Johns did say that Aquaman and Cyborg were going to have a bigger role in the next few issues so might as well. I do like Cyborg a lot and I am hoping that his role is well done because he’s such a cool character. As for Batman, well he’ll be taking a bit of a peep show and hanging back while the rest of the league is busy. He’s soooo…naughty!

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Source- Entertainment Weekly 

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