Damian is looking for Alfred, but will Damian like what he finds? Batman & Robin #15 preview. Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: Damian vs. The Joker! Has The Joker finally met a Robin as dangerous as he is? Or will The Clown Prince of Crime claim another of Batman’s allies as his victim?

Peter Tomasi was interviewed by MTV Geek on “Death of a Family.” Here’s what he had to say:

I think the relationship really makes a difference in the books, it really kind of shines a contrast of the book ’cause when you’ve got a ten-year-old bouncing around, it does something to the Batman character himself, so it plays a lot differently than what Scott’s doing, which is Batman in a kind of solitary sort of mode where he, you don’t really see much of the Bat-family. With Robin on stage with him all the time, it’s been a constant. It adds certain lightness to it, a little levity here and there…but when you asked that question I started to think back…well maybe there’s not as much lightness when you go back to the Nobody arc and even some of the issues after that there are some light touchtones but it still plays with the Dark Knight theme. Damian is not a light character, he’s not Tim and he’s not Dick, so he’s a very different sort of Robin, so it’s playing off those things. I think it’s definitely had more dark moments than lighter ones and the next couple of issues are going to be heavy.

It’s great to see that Tomasi is really diving into Scott Snyder’s world. Tomasi has really complimented the story arc by creating a father-son bond between Bruce and Damian.

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Source- MTV Geek