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Does Damian help World’s Finest connect to the Batman Universe? Is this Judd Winick’s last script for Batwing? Quick reviews on World’s Finest and Batwing. 

WORLD’S FINEST#6: Ok, it’s Issue #6 and I do not hate this comic book anymore; I’m more so  laughing at this book now. Laughing is worse than hating; it means that I have no faith in this book anymore. Clearly, Paul Levitz (writer of World’s Finest) is not going to stop with this random writing crap. Issue #6 is completely random and it doesn’t help with identifying Huntress as a character from the Batman Universe. If anything, it makes her character look really desperate to be part of this universe. The funny thing about this is that Huntress is making a comeback in the TV show, Arrow. So, this comic book may not even last long and I do hope that DC Comics just gets rid of this book soon because it serves only one purpose. The purpose is to tell readers that the Trinity War is coming in The New 52’s.  It’s kind of like World’s Finest is the Paul Revere of The New 52’s, “The Trinity War is coming! The Trinity War is coming!”

It’s basically a waste of two iconic female characters and a decent story line. Damian’s presence in this issue didn’t help because Levitz didn’t write him well. I found it laughable to see that Damian (Robin) and Helena (Huntress) were so naïve and trustworthy to each other. This would have NEVER HAPPENED! If Levitz really cared about writing the characters, he would have understood that Damian trusts no one. As for Powergirl in this issue, she serves no purpose and yet again…she loses her costume. She’s naked for most of the comic book. WHAT A WASTE! I can’t wait for this book to be done and over with or at least get a new writer and one artist for this book. Seriously, you need two artists for two chacters in one book that’s only 18-22 pages long? REALLY? Get it together.

 BATWING #14: This is Judd Winick’s last script for Batwing and it doesn’t even help because he leaves the readers in the middle of a story arc that needs an ending. I find myself reading more about other characters who are minor to the story and not about David (Batwing). I know nothing about David or what he does. I mean seriously, he’s not even a character in his own book anymore. It’s kind of sad.

Marcus To’s (artist of Batwing) is wasted in this issue. He is such a good artist/pencillier that it’s a shame that his work has gone to the creeks of crap. I hope that he is able to continue his artwork on another comic book preferably Batman comic books. He’s just too good to pass over.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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