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What to expect after “Death of a Family.” What will happen to Batman with the Joker and what to expect for future issues.

Well, it’s a done deal “Death of Family” will officially end on Batman #17 and as Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) puts it; “The ending of the Joker story in BATMAN may be my fav ending of anything I’ve done. The final page.” Hopefully, his enthusiasm will be well received by readers when Batman #17 comes out in February.  So what’s next after “Death of a Family” story arc? Here are some points brought to you by Scott Snyder’s Twitter:

  • Batman interlude (epilogue to “Death of a Family”) will last 3 issues from Issue #18-20.
  • New story arc: will feature Riddler & Two-Face, it will last for about 9 issues from Issue #21-29.
  • Harper Row will be featured in the Batman interlude.

The interlude will probably give Snyder and Greg Capullo (main artist for Batman) a break. There might be guest writers or guest artists for Issue #18-20. As always Snyder will feature his original character, Harper Row (punk girl featured in Batman #7 & Batman #12)  during the interlude. The thing about Row is that fans are starting to like her, and we have no idea what Snyder is planning for this character. I’m hoping to see Row become the next Batgirl or at least become a new hero in the Batman Universe.

As for the next story arc featuring the Riddler as the main villain, Snyder is already planning a huge story for this one:

There are sources stating that Two-Face will be featured with the Riddler in the new story arc. This story arc is going to be long, which is not as long as the “Night of the Owls” (11 issues). Still, it is long. For all you fans of Riddler  and Two-Face get ready!

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Source- Scott Snyder’s Twitter 

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