Another iconic villain is coming back to Batman comics, Killer Croc in a very different way.

News from Long Beach Comic Con, Red Hood & the Outlaws will feature Killer Croc in

Issue #16 and Issue #17. Issue #16 is a crossover issue for “Death of a Family,” since Killer Croc is featured for both #16 and 17. It seems that this villain will be Red Hood’s villain for this crossover. Here’s what Scott Lobdell (writer of Superman, Teen Titans, Red Hood).

 “Jason is going to deliver the most severe beat down of Joker that we’ve seen” at some point during “Death of the Family.”

I hope to see Jason use that crowbar on Joker. Lobdell promises to star only Jason

Red Hood #16

Todd in both issues as well as Bruce Wayne. So, I’m guess they’re going to have a heart to heart due to Joker’s presence in Gotham. I’m happy to see Killer Croc back in the scene. He is more of a physical character and will be a decent challenge for Red Hood.

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Source- Newsarama