Celebs, Halloween and Batman

The holiday is almost here but for most, its already come and gone with this weekend.  But no matter when you’re celebrating, Batman will be near.  Its been a big year for the Bat, and people are showing the love for Mr. Tall, Dark and Brooding, even the celebs.  Check out this pic of a member of boy band One Direction in a Nolan styled Batsuit.

And now reports of on again(?) couple Chris Brown and Rihanna will be shwoing up to a Halloween Ball as Batman and Batgirl on October 31st.  A source is quoted:

Chris and Rihanna WILL UNVEIL THEMSELVES as a couple . . . on Halloween night…As for the COSTUMES that they’ll be wearing? It hasn’t yet been decided .. . but Chris and Rih are leaning towards being BATMAN and BATGIRL!!”

Shocking.  We shall wait and see if this groundbreaking news comes to light.  Let’s just hope Superman is needed…Eh who am I kidding, Batman would win anyway.


Source: Gather