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RATING: ENJOYABLE ISSUE, somewhat a bit confusing.

Woo! Rafa Sandoval is now the current artist of Catwoman and he is just killing the pages in Issue #13. Since Guillem March (previous artist of Catwoman) left the comic book over the summer, the comic book started lacking in the artwork. Now, the art is back and better than ever. So for right now, we’re just concerned about the writing by Ann Nocenti (current writer of Catwoman).

Since Catwoman #13 is the prelude to “Death of a Family,” you will see bits of the Joker’s silhouette in this issue. However, we are not told if he is part of this issue; it is only speculated that he is due to his shadow. From the start of this issue, it was confusing. Nocenti used a ton of voice-overs to tell the story for those who have just got onto Catwoman for the sake of reading “Death of a Family” crossover. We start with Catwoman seeing a cat doll from one of her dead friend’s as it was floating in the air. She is in fight mode after seeing the doll and this is where it becomes confusing. Sandoval tries hard to portray whatever Nocenti was trying to explain such as the Joker’s plans to attack Catwoman. Apparently, Catwoman sees a chessboard on the roofs of buildings. It seems a bit like Alice in Wonderland for me, and I do like this reference but it was too confusing by the way Sandoval did the artwork. I would have preferred some conventional panels at this point in time from Sandoval so that I could have absorbed what was being portrayed. Further into this issue, Catwoman is getting spooked by objects that seem to be ploys by the Joker to freak her out. Down the line, she is asked to do a heist which turns out be another ploy to make Catwoman vulnerable.

What was great about Issue #13 is that Nocenti is making Catwoman seem more than just being a thief. She is becoming more of a heroine in her own comic book. I don’t mind the heroism, but make sure you keep the antiheroism as well. She does not do good things unless she personally benefits from it. You can’t make Catwoman all good, which is all that I’m saying. As for Sandoval, I’m surprised that he showed a little cleavage in this issue. It was tastefully shown, but I hope that the feminists don’t destroy Sandoval unless it needs to be done. Particularly, I’m glad that Sandoval is on Catwoman even though it looks like she has triple D’s for breasts. I really enjoy seeing cool artwork by him.

As for future issues, I’m praying that Nocenti doesn’t go all Alice in Wonderland for this crossover. It would be too conventional from a female writer to do so. However, I’m excited to see how the Joker will really turn up the heat for Catwoman. Hopefully, Nocenti has some special storylines for Catwoman after “Death of a Family” crossover.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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