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Much appreciation for this new change, this is not to say that Adriana Melo did not have a good run. She did and I applaud her for doing Catwoman after Guillem March up and left the comic book in the middle of a story arc. Now, Rafa Sandoval is doing Catwoman and well…it looks great! Catwoman #13 preview is just taste of Sandoval’s artwork. Of course, some fans have their nitpicks with Sandoval’s portrayal of Catwoman. Here are some concerns from DKN Fans:

Joel Cruz: Why is every woman in comics a triple D?

Kristen Brown: Cause guys love boobs! They should try carrying them around! then they wouldnt like so much! hahaha.

Joel commented on this from an image that was shown of Sandoval’s new look for Catwoman, down below. Sandoval might have given her a more well-endowed feature for shock value. However, his artwork on Issue #13 is a breath of relief because many were worried if Catwoman was going to another comic book to drop after the creative change. Thank goodness, it’s not. Now, all we have to worry about is the writing by Ann Nocenti.

You can see the preview of Catwoman #13 in the related posts below this post. As well as Sandoval’s portrayal of Catwoman below that Joel commented on.

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Source- Rafa Sandoval’s Facebook 


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