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Las Vegas Comic Expo did a panel called “What’s New with the New 52’s?” Batman-related comic book writers, Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing) and Scott Lobdell (writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws and Teen Titans) discuss about what’s in store for their Batman characters. See the points below:

  • Nightwing will be facing the Joker in #13-14 of Nightwing written by Tom DeFalco
  • Kyle Higgins will write Nightwing #15 and #16 claiming that it will “the biggest, most bombastic, scariest Joker encounter you will see.”
  • Scott Lobdell asked the audience if they would like to see Stephanie Brown back as Batgirl. The audience was not enthusiastic.
  • There will be a spin-off from Teen Titans, where Raven will be leading the team.
  • Starfire from Red Hood & the Outlaws will be keeping her current attire with her space uniform.

These were most of the Batman-related highlights. The most interesting is Stephanie Brown because even though, she is a fan favorite. Not many are excited about her returning. It goes to show that she is just a minority favorite. As for Nightwing, of course it will be such a huge story arc for Dick. However, the question is “will Dick be the one to die in ‘Death of a Family?” Since Higgins is stating that his story of the Joker will be the biggest?

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