What if DC New 52 got its own animated series?

This is not so much news but still cool to imagines to look at and think on .  io9 over the week had posted up a story on ” What if DC Comics’ New 52 universe got its own animated series ?

For DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch last year, almost every one of the publisher’s superheroes received a brand new crime-stopping outfit. (For example, Superman threw away his outerwear underwear and Harley Quinn inadvertently channeled the Insane Clown Posse.)

And in an act of supreme artistic commitment, Deviant Art user Ryem gave almost the entirety of the New 52 universe a makeover that evokes Cartoon Network’s Young Justice animated series. (John Constantine says, “Don’t smoke, you tossers!”) Click on the image at left to see it in full. [Via Comics Alliance]

Looking at the images I wish DC would make this a reality .

Source – io9

– Adam Prince



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