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This is a DKN exclusive, The Meridian Files contain the exploration and analysis of all Batman’s allies, foes, love interests, family, and associations. First case is Carrie Kelly, in light of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. For those of you who have watched the animated feature and want to know a little bit more about the character, this is where the The Meridian Files come into play for you. Since some people have become fans of Batman since The Dark Knight Trilogy this is the place for you to find out more about your favorite Batman and how other characters affect him.

Please remember this is not a professional analysis, but rather a one’s opinion of the Batman Universe characters. Feel free to comment down below about the character or to apply more information about the character. Without further ado,  case file TMF6T8D91KR: Carrie Kelly.

PROFILE: Carrie Kelly is a young girl who takes up the mantle of being Robin years after Jason Todd died.

BIO: Caroline “Carrie” Keene Kelly is an ally to Batman by which she takes up the mantle of being Robin.  Carrie Kelly is 13 years old. She has distinctive red hair that is fashioned after a page boy hair cut. Unlike the other Robins, she is not an orphan. However, Carrie can be considered an orphan emotionally and physically since her parents neglect her. Carrie is a resident in Gotham City, and first encounter with Batman is when he saved from The Mutants. This encounter inspired her to become Robin.

PERSONALITY: Carrie is a very brave and spirited child who is not deterred by the gritty and glum streets of Gotham City. She continues to push herself trying to best herself. Carrie has a way of coaxing people to do things, which is great for manipulation. She can also be very impulsive due to her excitement in pursuing crime.

CAPABILITIES: She has no superpowers, but she is quick on her feet. Carrie is quite resourceful. She knows first-aid and uses non-lethal tactics such as a sling shot and firecrackers to take down her enemies. She is slightly athletic and has very little training when she assumes the Robin mantle. She has quick reflexes that save her from falls and attacks. Carrie is very good with assessing computers and using technological devices. She was able to fly a helicopter and is a quick learner.

HOW DOES SHE AFFECT BATMAN?: Since the death of Jason Todd, Batman retires from crime fighting for 10 years. Batman continues to reminisce about Dick Grayson’s Robin and Jason Todd’s Robin. He remembers the good ole days with Grayson’s Robin, in which he admires the young crime fighter’s bravery and outgoing personality.  Whereas, Jason Todd’s Robin reminds Batman of the mistakes he has made. When Carrie saves Batman by distracting The Mutant Leader, Batman is impressed by her first-aid resourcefulness and her willingness to keep fighting even when the odds are against her. This can be seem as Carrie tries to pull Batman to the Batmobile, even though she knows Batman is too heavy for her keep pulling. Batman considers her to be very brave and trusts her immediately to show her the Batcave. He even shows Carrie his identity as Bruce Wayne.

Carrie provides the essence of Robin, in which she is adventurous. As a side kick, she motivates Batman to not go too over board with his crime fighting. Unlike the other Robins, she is a young girl. Carrie shows a lot of faith in Batman and pulls inspiration from his vigilantism. As a young female sidekick, Batman continues to give Carrie a lot of compliments such as “You’re a good soldier.” Even though, he continues to threaten that he will fire her if she does not follow his instructions. Batman threatens Carrie because he is trying to keep her line, and he fears that she might end up like Jason Todd. This shows Batman’s fears of losing another Robin.

HOW DOES SHE AFFECT BRUCE?: As an older man, Bruce is a bit wiser and anticipates things before it happens. This can be due to his past mistakes, in which he continues to think about or dwell on. Bruce is amazed at Carrie’s quick learning and hidden abilities to use high tech devices in a such a short amount of time. Bruce continues to be impressed by her, but knows that her innocence as a child will soon fade as a crime fighting side kick. Carrie’s presence continues to motivate Bruce to not lose track of he is doing, in which she is his anchor to not be killed or to lose himself as being this dark gritty Batman. Carrie gives Bruce a bit of humanity to him, since Bruce came back as Batman. He has been consumed by the darkness that is Batman. Sometimes, Batman’s darkness overwhelms his thinking and makes him lost in fighting and extremely over confident in his abilities. Carrie’s presence as a Robin makes Bruce rethink a lot of his actions as Batman by taking less impulsive moves that could wind him up getting killed. Unlike the other Robins, Carrie provides softness to Bruce that has not been seen before.

Sources- Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel (Books 1-4)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (movie)


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