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More than anything people are excited about Talon. Talon is a spin-off from Batman’s story arc, “Night of the Owls.” Basically, this character is one of the good Talons who found a way to escape the Talons. He is considered to be a traitor to the Court of Owls, but he is a hero in his own comic book. James Tynion IV who has done many back-up stories for Batman and has worked side by side with Scott Snyder (writer of Batman). Tynion comes with a fascinating story to tell that will give beautiful character depth.

Anyway, Trevor McCarthy  (former artist of Batwoman) has done the variant cover for Talon #1. It seems that Talon has a target on his forehead. McCarthy shows a fantasy based grit. See the variant cover below.

Talon #1 will be coming out October 24th.

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