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Snyder & Capullo

In October, Batman will be diving into a new story arc called “Death of a Family.” It features the Joker as the main villain after a year long hiatus from Gotham’s main villain and now he’s back to wreck terror for the entire Bat-family. Both Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) and Greg Capullo (artist of Batman) have stated that this story will be a Batman horror story. On the plus side of things Scott Snyder’s student, James Tynion IV who is writer of Talon and for some of Batman’s back ups. Tynion will continue to do back ups for Batman during “Death of a Family,” here’s what Tynion had to say about is role:

Tynion & Snyder

I can’t go into too much detail on these just yet, other than to say that the backups will deal with The Joker interacting with some of Gotham’s most notable rogues. They’ll be stand-alone pieces that should add something to the scale of the story, while keeping a smaller and spookier focus. There’s always something electric when two iconic villains are on a page with one another, and when one of those characters is The Joker, that electricity is quite a bit more deadly.

I think the real power of this “crossover” is that it’s very personal… It’s not just a brawl that bleeds into the other books… The tie-ins are going to deal with the real human implications of what happens when The Joker comes to town.

So apparently, the Joker will be bringing other villains to seek revenge against the Bat-family. This is seriously becoming a huge story arc! October is just around the corner and let the crazed havoc begin! Muahahah!

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