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Here are the official final covers for next week’s comics coming out September 26th. Teen Titans #0Batman INC #0, Talon #0, and Batman: The Dark Knight #0 are all coming out next week on the 26th. Talon is the next Batman Comic Book that will be covered on Dark Knight News. This comic book is written by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder, this book might be a real treat. Also, the Talon is stationed in New York City instead of Gotham City. Maybe down the line, Talon will venture back to Gotham City.

Another note, if you have noticed there is an artist change for Batman: The Dark Knight #0. It was supposed to be David Finch, but now it’s Mico Suayan and Juan José Ryp who will be illustrating this issue. You may know them from Batman: Arkham Unhinged, for those who are familiar with their work. This will be a treat for you. If you haven’t been keeping up with Batman: Arkham Unhinged you should because it based on the Batman: Arkham City game.

David Finch will be finishing up Batman: The Dark Knight before he ventures off onto Justice League of America with Geoff Johns. Finch will finish up this comic book in December for Batman: The Dark Knight #15. Any issue after December is up for artist grabs. Hopefully, there is an artist out there who will take up Finch’s gritty mantle.

See the official covers for September 26th down below.

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Source- DC Comics 

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