RATING: Enjoyable Issue, read while you’re waiting for someone/something. 

From the first page of Batgirl #0, I felt like “Yes, this is going to be good.” In the end, I wasn’t disappointed with this issue. Gail Simone provided a decent story on how Barbara was inspired to become Batgirl. It was a different take and quite surprising how Simone used Batman’s suit as an element to inspire Barbara.

Simone has always used Barbara’s thoughts as a way of explaining the situation in each panel, which can sometimes be annoying. However, this time it was quite effective and useful to know what was going through Barbara’s mind in this issue. Batgirl’s artist, Ed Benes has finally come onto Batgirl and the art has improved so much. Benes has worked with Simone previously on Birds of Prey before The New 52’s and the two worked so well together. Now, the two are together again for Batgirl so hopefully things are going become more interesting. Benes’ art direction was better than Adrian Syaf, but there were panels that Benes could have done better. For example, when Barbara smashed the chair down on the huge brute; the perspective of this panel was just too bland. On a good note, it’s great to see Benes’ illustrating Simone’s work better on Batgirl.

Another concern is how Batgirl is looking a little bit shiny on the pages. It’s starting to become a little annoying, but other than that Batgirl #0 was decent.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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