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At Baltimore Comic Con, there are some new details that will be placed into the DC Universe. One of the major ones is Tim Drake’s namesake as Red Robin. According to what was discussed at the panel, it seems what Scott Lobdell (writer of Teen Titans) stated was partially true. Tim Drake called himself Red Robin when he joined the Bat-family. Now, the reason is why would he do that? Here’s the answer to that question, which will seem a little vague but says a lot:

Tim Drake called himself Red Robin from the beginning, following Jason Todd he didn’t want to use the exact name.

Tim Drake

Whoa! Tim Drake didn’t want to use the name, Robin after Jason Todd? Are they referring to Jason Todd’s death as Robin or the fact that Jason Todd was the worst Robin? Either way, it sounds funky as hell. What’s the real story behind Tim Drake wanting to use Red Robin instead of just being a Robin? Since Lobdell is writing Teen Titans, which has everything to do with Tim Drake as Red Robin. I guess Lobdell will answer all our answers in Issue #0 of Teen Titans. 

Now for future Batman related issues, October is fast approaching as we wait for The Joker to make his debut. Now, the main characters we know The Joker will terrorize the most are Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) whom have been the victims of The Joker’s plot to sting Batman in the past. Now, he’s coming after them not as pawns in his games to hurt Batman; but to really wreck havoc in their lives. From the Baltimore Comic Con, the Batman panel released another character who will be attacked as much as the two characters. And it’s Tim Drake, here’s what the panel stated about Drake:

Expect to see lots of Tim Drake in the Joker crossover.

UPDATE: Here’s an update from Bleeding Cool with Dan Didio’s quote about Red Robin:

DiDio says that Tim called himself “Red Robin” out of respect to Jason. DiDio was unclear whether he began with the Red Robin costume, or adopted that later in his career.

Well that answered why Tim Drake wanted to be called Red Robin, instead of Robin.

Batgirl & Red Hood

I would expect Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon to be the real targets. The question is what’s up with The Joker coming after Tim Drake so much?

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Source- Bleeding Cool