by Kristina

Before I start I would like to say that this opinion article is for the possibility of Warner Bros. continuing the realistic version of Batman portrayed by Christopher Nolan. This article is Part 2 and if you would like to read Part 1 click HERE. Read Part 1 and comment with your opinions or thoughts because I do value the responses from the fans. I also enjoy others’ theories and discussions. Another thing, Part 2 will be shorter and a bit more controversial for some who might think differently. If you do, comment down and sound off with your thoughts. Without further ado, here’s Part 2.

Let me start by saying this…Bane is not dead. Homeboy is not dead. Yes, he was shot in the chest by Catwoman on the Batpod. For some of you that was really a craptastic ending to a wonderful villainous character who gave Batman a run for his money. LITERALLY! If you have heard the DKN: Dark Knight Rises Special Podcast, you know that I’ve said this before that Bane’s not dead nor is Talia. Both characters had the worst deaths of like all time and we as “THE PEOPLE” wanted better for these two iconic characters. Now, why would I say that neither one of these characters are dead? Clearly, I didn’t see Catwoman shoot Bane in the chest with a “missle” if it was a missile. Clearly, I didn’t see Talia dive into a 20 feet plunge front first of a truck that was smashed on impact. Clearly, I didn’t see any of this. Well here’s the thing, deception and theatrics; do you believe what you see?

Bane who is a tactical, intelligent, and anticipates everything around him…couldn’t see a big ass vehicle like the Batpod come up and shoot him? WHAT! Pretty much that’s basically insulting the character as a whole. On the podcast, Matt who is the founder and boss of the site stated that Bane took a missile to the chest. Here’s the thing of missiles, on impact they’re supposed to explode on impact. I didn’t see Bane explode into a million pieces. The Batpod can use missiles as well as shoot bullets out of its cannons. So really, Bane took a bullet to the chest that flew him backwards out of the camera’s shot. We never got to see what happened to him; we’re all supposed to accept that he died because it’s a bullet to the chest. We’re supposed to use our imagination to fill in the gaps of the movie and we did. We’re all saying Bane is dead. Now I ask you this, who doesn’t live after being shot in the chest? I know what you might say; the bullet was shot from the Batpod so it’s not like a regular bullet shooting a person. You’re right, but Bane is not a regular person and there were two things protecting him from the impact; his vest and his mask. Bane’s vest is not for fashion, he didn’t one day say “I’ll wear this because it looks cool.” There is a purpose for the vest this is answered by Lindy Hemming:

The thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces.

The vest is bullet proof, it’s able to take a bullet, but you’re still going to feel the impact of the Batpod’s cannons. So, yea Bane was shot but he didn’t die per say. He felt the impact, oh yes, but how much did he feel? Bane’s mask is another factor that might have protected him from dying or feeling much of the Batpod’s impact. His mask releases anesthetics to help him with his pain. This is also means Bane can’t really feel pain when inflicted on him. Even though, Batman broke it; this does not mean that it can’t function. The mask still worked even after Batman broke it because if it didn’t Bane would not have been able to stand. His pain is supposed to be a lifetime of pain. The fact that Bane stood over Batman before he got shot by Catwoman, means that the mask still worked. The mask continues to stop the infliction of pain. The Batpod’s bullet to Bane’s chest is highly unlikely able to kill him. He would be temporary unable to move because he was thrown back the Batpod’s bullet impact. This means his head probably hit the floor really hard! Basically, he was temporarily indisposed while Batman and Catwoman talked about stopping Talia. They never went over to see if he was dead meaning we don’t know if Bane is actually dead.

Now, Talia is a harder person to prove if she’s still alive or not. We all saw how she died the “worst death ever!” My thing about Talia is that she’s too good of a female character to just die. She is Bruce’s baby mama; she is the mother of Bruce’s only biological son, Damian Wayne. She can’t really be killed like that. I mean really, if she actually died and Warner Bros. continued the Nolanverse where she is still dead…Damian can’t exist. This would suck! So, she can’t be dead. This is not my only reason why she is still alive. Yes, Talia probably took 20 feet plunge front first in a truck. She was still alive afterwards, slightly moving her head and talking. Talia was basically paralyzed from the neck down. Internal injuries have set in at that point. Now, what about Talia closing her eyes and taking her last breath? Isn’t she dead at this point from internal injuries? How can she still be alive? It would take hours for her to die from internal injuries. Her last breath and closing eyes are due to body shock and overexertion. A huge accident such as falling and hitting the ground front first would leave anyone’s bock shocked. Talia closing eyes could be due to her passing out. After a huge accident and sustaining internal injuries, you would pass out too. Talia’s last breath is from overexerting herself. Remember, Talia’s whole little speech…that was too much overexertion for her body. When you pass out, you’re not breathing very hard anymore. It’s more like light breathing where your chest is moving up and down slowly between breaths. Also, no one checked to see if Talia had a pulse. This leaves an open door for Talia to still be alive.

Based in the Nolanverse, Bane and Talia’s relationship is strong. So, if Bane is still alive he would go find Talia and rescue her. Therefore, this leaves both iconic characters to continue in the future Batman movies. Bane could become revamped into our version of him with venom as a way for him to become stronger and a bit invincible. Talia would still want to vengeance against Batman for her own personal vendetta. If Talia is still alive, Damian can exist. This leads me into the next discussion, the children of Bruce Wayne.

Ole Brucey Bruce had a bit of a love triangle. This was something that was going to happen, two of Bruce/Batman’s love interest in the same movie. Come on, who didn’t see this coming? Bruce got both women by the end of the movie. Talia was romantically with Bruce before her accident, which could lead to Damian Wayne. Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is aboard with Bruce travelling the world with him, which would lead to the birth of Helena. Noticed how I said Helena without a last name. Here’s the tricky part, Helena, according to comic books before The New 52’s was considered Bruce’s child even though he has fatherly feelings for her. Supposedly, Helena belongs to another father in a different universe, but it is now stated in The New 52’s that she is Bruce and Selina’s daughter. I’ve always believed that Helena is a Wayne and will always be a Wayne no matter, which writers want to do with her. This is why I dislike reading comic books a little, continuity is always being toyed with.

I would enjoy seeing Bruce have his children, but the problem is that Helena is supposed to be older than Damian. However, since Damian is a test tube baby and was born from genetic material to become the perfect union of as heir of Al-Ghul and Bruce Wayne’s lineage. This would take some time to make Damian. So, Talia would have to be out of the movies for a few years especially since she is paralyzed from the neck down. Anyone recovering from this would take years to gain full body control.  This would leave time for Helena to be born. If this so happens in the future.

So what I leave with this Part 2 is that Bane is not dead and Talia is not dead. The children of Bruce Wayne could in fact become part of the next few Batman movies if Warner Bros. took up the cause to complete the storytelling of the Batman Universe. More or less, Warner Bros. will not and will instead say “reboot this mother!” Then, boom we have a new Batman. I for one, am not against having a reboot. However, it means I have to start over again mentally to wipe out what Nolan has done with Batman. I like continuations; I enjoy more storytelling of something that I do appreciate. The Dark Knight Rises left so many more questions than answers in the closing of the trilogy. However, I will not deny that Nolan bowed out gracefully with ending his version of the Batman franchise. I still want more. A continuation to the Nolan Batman franchise is what I’m after.

Who will take up this mantle to continue it or will Warner Bros. reboot this whole thing in the next 2 years?  Comment down below, DKN Facebook, or DKNewsCom about what did you think of Bane and Talia’s deaths? Could Bane be revamped to become the comic book version of his character? Are you willing to see Bruce Wayne’s children on screen?

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