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Brett Booth has been killing it with his artwork and panels on Teen Titans. Hands down, he’s the man for any comic book. If you need him to do a sketch of a new villain, he’s the guy you go to. I am hoping that since Booth works with Scott Lobdell (writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws and Teen Titans) maybe Booth might start working on Red Hood & the Outlaws. This is not to say that Timothy Green II is not doing a swell job, no, but many fans of Red Hood are not too happy with Green’s work. I think if possible, Booth might be able to do both Teen Titans and Red Hood. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe…

I found some interesting sketches in Booth’s blogspot, and before Teen Titans came out with their Issue 1. Booth was designing Red Robin’s costume design before settling for the current design of Red Robin. Check them out below.

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Source- Brett Booth’s blogspot 

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