The Dark Knight RISES over The Dark Knight overseas

by Benjamin
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 The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR)  has surpassed its 2008 predecessor, The Dark Knight,  overseas this weekend grossing over $488.6 million internationally! The Dark Knight made only $469.7 million internationally. There is still hope that The Dark Knight Rises will break 1 billion dollars in the box office which would satisfy me for sure and a lot of other fans out there. Of course, in the United States TDKR has yet to gross over 550 million as of right now, but do not give up yet there is still time before the next IMAX movie rolls in to see TDKR again! As I always say, if you have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX please go see it. It really changes the experience of the movie, don’t be afraid to go. This is still the best trilogy I have laid eyes on since THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS, not the new, but THE ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy.

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