RATING: Enjoyable & A Must Read Issue, you gotta sit down for this one.

 Paragon is one of the coolest villains facing Nightwing. The two going at each other was just a pure epic showdown. I hate to say it, but I really thought Nightwing was going to get his ass beat. He was a worthy opponent against Nightwing, if Paragon wasn’t so amped up on his ideals to destroy Nightwing. Paragon might have won.

Kyle Higgins (writer) did not fail to capture the suspense of Nightwing especially, when it came to the fight sequences. This issue, Eddy Barrows’ (main artist) artwork was not featured in this issue. I guess Barrows is taking a break from Nightwing to prep up for Nightwing #0 and the October issue. In this issue, Andres Guinaldo made a great artist for this issue. I think he had better panels than Barrows showing off suspenseful actions. Guinaldo showed better facial expression from the characters. I appreciated this from Guinaldo. In a previous issue, Barrows kind of made the characters look a bit ridiculous. This is an issue that you must sit down and read to get the full enjoyment of this issue.

Check out some panels I thought was cool down below.

Did you enjoy reading Nightwing? Were you rallying on Nightwing to prevail over Paragon? How do you like Guinaldo’s artwork in this issue? Comment down below, DKN Facebook, or DKNewsCom.