Batman & Robin #12 Review: Iron-Bat

In Batman & Robin #12,  Bruce and Damian are battling this unexplained poorly developed villain Terminus.  While Batman is fighting Terminus in broad daylight, Batman realizes that he needs an armored suite to fight fire with fire. He dives under his Batmobile and he comes back geared up suddenly for battle looking like an Iron-Bat . On the other side of the street  Damian is fighting Terminus’ goons and out of nowhere receives assistance taking them down from what Damian considers his rivals Tim (Red Robin), Jason (Red Hood), and Dick (Nightwing). Who were the former Robins whom Damian wants to beat so badly in order to become the greatest Robin. After Batman beats Terminus, which only happened because his unfortunate time clock was up , he finds out that a synchronized warhead was supposed to go off when Terminus’ clock ran out . Batman flies off to find the rocket while all the past Robins stood together watching Batman fly off. With Batman’s Superman-like speed, he finds the warhead and guides it into the harbor and just like The Dark Knight Rises he manages to escape the blast. Terminus after hearing the blast tells  Damian that they will all die soon. After Damian tells Terminus his plan failed he dies … finally. As Tim and Jason leave, Dick gives Damian one of his escrima sticks and tells him there is no need for them to fight. Dick added that you don’t need to try to prove yourself because you’re already wearing the R. Damian stands there as Dick drives off in the Batmobile? And as Batman comes back into view, the sun shines on  Jim Gordan, who has very little to do in this issue, saying he thought bats were only creatures of the night . . . the end.

All I can say is I’m relieved that this Terminus thing is said and done. I think that the three issues on this could have been better if they had taken the time to develop a worthwhile story. The whole thing was rushed and sloppy in my opinion. Terminus’s problem with Batman was never really explained , and I thought we would have seen a little more conflict from Tim and Jason after what Damian did to them. I thought the art was okay and it was non stop action. I’m hoping after Issue# 0 things will pick back up.

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– Adam




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