Personally, I think Scott Lobdell does better with the Teen Titans’ story line than Red Hood and the Outlaws. Maybe, it isn’t Lobdell…it could be because I like Brett Booth so much and that his art is just so magnificent! Unlike Kenneth Rocafort, Booth gives good panels that coordinate with Lobdell’s story line giving fresh and consistent artwork. Apparently, Red Robin (Tim Drake) wants to disband the Teen Titans or leave the team altogether. You will not see much of him throughout this issue. However, the next issue Red Robin must come back to the Teen Titans to save them from Wonder Girl. Apparently, Red Robin can save Wonder Girl from completely destroying the team with Superboy’s help of course.


What I love about Booth’s artwork is that he takes so much detail into the design of the characters. He gives every aspect of the design such beauty and even when Booth is just focusing on the dialogue of the characters. He continues to stay on point with his details, such as when Tim Drake is going back to his penthouse in a cab. Some artists would have cheapen the artwork with two simple panels, but he gave us decent artwork even with small dialogue. I don’t have much to talk about in this issue, except that Red Robin is coming back to save the team from Wonder Girl’s new awesome armor. If you have not seen her new armor, it looks amazing! The detail is just lovely.