TDKR IMAX Screening Shut Down!

Hey Guys Cam here,

Not much big news, but a great story. A screening of  TDKR was being held as a preview for movie critics at an Imax cinema. Of course it was greatly anticipated, but a lot of technical issues stopped the movie being shown. For example, the sound was not synched to the film causing the actors tot look they were in a bad day on the set of Monkey (for those of you not familiar with Monkey, look it up online, it is an old Japanese programme infamous for poor timing of actor’s mouths with sound which gained it cult status). Also, the film kept jumping so the picture quality was poor and inconsistent. The critics complained after persevering with the issues for an hour, so the screening was cancelled. They had to come back that night and watch the movie again and thank goodness there were no more issues. Good Job IMAX!

Source: Indiwire



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