Vintage never goes out of style. It is used, recycled, and reused. It is what sets the trends and inspires new fashion lines on the runway. The 1992 “Velvet Batman Dress” by All That Jazz has been revitalized onto the scene.  The “Velvet Batman Dress” is a mini dress that is now twenty years old and was part of the Batman Returns (1992) merchandise.  The mini dress features some of this year’s hottest recycled trends such as velvet, bodycon, mesh cutouts, and the Batman logo. The back of the dress has a sheer netting of the Batman logo showing subtle exposed skin. It also has a great shape to it plus, there are slits on the sides showing off some leg. I think the dress was designed by the inspiration of Selina Kyle embodying fun, sassy, and a hint of crazy that would draw a whole crowd.  When it comes to the Batman costume designs, fashion artists can not help, but become inspired. This might repeat for this July when The Dark Knight Rises comes out with Selina Kyle and her debonair “Chanel” look. I can not wait for what fashion artists will conjure up.

It is a fun dress for Batman fangirls and for fanboys’ girlfriends. So, if you have Dr. Girlfriend by your side who does not mind a little Batman logo advertising on her back; go get it for her. However, since May 4th the mini dress has been sold out and is not in stock now. Vintage never dies, someone out there will recreate this look and recapture the style again.

What do you think of the dress? Would you date a girl who wore this or would you buy this for your girlfriend? Will The Dark Knight Rises have a runway launch this coming fall? Would you become an Armani Bruce Wayne or Swedish/Russian revolutionary Bane?  Comment below or on DKN Facebook.

Source- Etsy