Total Film Round-up, Matthew Modine Quotes, & A Confession

by Stephen Doria
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I decided to put together a series or quotes from Total Film Magazine’s latest subscription.  It highlights The Dark Knight Rises and has interviews from a lot of the main cast.  It may already be something you have already seen, (especially if you frequent comicbookmovie) it may be something that you have already speculated on, and then again, it may be completely new to you.  Whatever is the case, I hope you enjoy!


First up is the director Christopher Nolan:

“Our telling of the Batman legend has always been centered on Bruce Wayne’s story. We somewhat left the audience hanging at the end of the last film in terms of Bruce’s story and we want to bring it full circle and have a complete tale. We’ve a great ending we’ve been wanting to tell for some years now. We’re just thrilled to have been able to bring our story around to its conclusion.”

I love the idea that Nolan has always had this ending in mind.  It makes me wonder if he really was actually thinking of leaving the series after two movies, or if there was some sort of hidden political agenda…


Next up is Tom Hardy discussing the weight gain:

“When I started I was about 160-something pounds. When I was done I was 190. You life weights. You eat. You lift some more weights. You don’t run anywhere because of you do cardio, you drop weight. So it’s really good for heart attacks!”

Tom Hardy on the mask and inspiration:

“It’s not as bad as you might think. You just put it on. Work out where your drool goes. That’s it. Mask work is good fun. This one wasn’t painful; there was a stunt mask and there was the up-close one for the sexy glam shots.”  “I will, when I build certain characters, take a soupcon of different things,” reveals the British actor. “Like Kermit The Frog. I’ll put a bit of Kermit in there. I’ll take Robert De Niro from Taxi Drive, mix him up with animals and different characters, add a voice and then go home. I know my guy. He has a lot of people in it.” However, he’s quick to point out that he wasn’t serious about taking inspiration from a Muppet. “No, there’s no Kermit in Bane. Absolutely [frick]ing not!”

This is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s second go around with Christopher Nolan and this is what he had to say to Total Film about the director:

“He prioritizes the acting in a way that’s really rare for such a high-scale, spectacular production. That even amid all these things that are going on, he made sure that the actors have what they need to create an honest performance, an honest moment. I think that’s a big part of why audiences love his movies so much, because they don’t feel like a bunch of fireworks. It feels like real stories, real people.”

Next up is Christian Bale:

“He’s always had this need, this drive, to take action because of the tragedy that befell him,” Christian Bale tells Total Film Magazine in their latest issue. “He’s not in the healthiest of places, in many ways.” With the plot of The Dark Knight Rises still one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets, we have no idea what state we find Bruce Wayne eight years after the events of the last film. However, there will be one constant in his life. Pain. “That’s constant throughout. But I think it’s more about him feeling the consequences of a life that’s entirely directed by pain, and holding onto that pain, and just how long he can do that. It’s about making the decision to continue [being Batman] in order to maybe self-destruct, or whether he can find some kind of rebirth, to be himself. There’s a certain amount of reflection.”

“Chris is very good at recognising the kind of movie that we’re making, that we’re not making a little character piece,” he adds for anyone concerned that action might be put on the back burner. “There’s no reason why you can’t have a substantial amount of character in it, but we’re not going to go so far that people say, ‘This is no longer the excitement I’m looking for.’ It’s the end of an era. For me, personally, and for Batman.” As ominous that sounds, producer (and wife of director Christopher Nolan) Emma Thomas makes it clear that the Caped Crusader faces his biggest challenge yet. “I would say that in terms of brutality, this one exceeds the last one. This is the first episode that Batman’s ever physically been taken. Bane is a brute. I think what’s great about this villain is that The Joker is all about mind games and messing with people, whereas Bane is about physical strength. We’re giving Batman someone truly worthy of him. It’s not just pure force. Je’s really switched on.”

Finally for Total Film we have Anne Hathaway, but for Anne Hathaway’s quotes please divert your attention to a piece my co-writer Kristina wrote

I would like to thank Total Film Magazine for releasing the new images from the movie and for having such incredible quotes from the director and actors of the movie.  I would also like to thank comicbookmovie for helping me put them together.

It seems Foley takes quite a fall, onto a Tumbler... He's a fighter!

Finally, I am not personally a fan of Twitter but I am a member of the Twitter nation, for nothing else, to be able to follow the actors and staff of the movie.  I have been sitting on some quotes from the formerly named Nixon, now Foley, in The Dark Knight Rises, actor Matthew Modine.  If you missed this VH1 interview here is the video for it, zip to the 6:00 mark to check out TDKR part of the interview, the Foley confession, and some smack talk…


In the third trailer you can also see Foley and John Blake along with other police officers by an underground explosion.  I am sure no one was hurt though, it was just meant to scare off the gators right?

Back to the Twitter, I did not really know where to appropriately put them, but since this is a grab bag post, here will do…

It seems that Matthew Modine likes to talk a bit of smack and here is some selections from his Twitter account about The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers

It would take more than 6 characters to take down 1 character.…

is the best of the series, predicts it’ll kick butt at the Box Office.…

“And if we’re talking actor – mano a mano – sorry downey – bale destroys you in less than one round.”

batman would tear off ironman’s head and shit down his neck. well, actually B. Wayne wouldn’t, because he’s got real class.

‘s has annie hathaway. her get-up, piping-hot @ she’s got high kicks and a bad ass motorbike. what’s scarlett got?

me too-not interested in avengers. ala Nolan is dark and human. relatable. avengers is cartoon fantasy-nice kid flick



Sources: Again, I would like to thank comicbookmovie for all their help in gathering this post and also Total Film Magazine with the selections from the interviews.   Finally, Thank you Matthew Modine for having an awesome Twitter account and VH1 for the interview!



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