In Case You Missed Some Easter Eggs

by Stephen Doria
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With the new Arkham City DLC coming out on May 29th I thought I would take a minute to post this video from Youtube on the site.  The video is made by BatmanArkhamVideos so it is about as legit as it gets.  It highlights all of the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Arkham City so in case you missed something when playing the game, now you at least know what you did miss.

For me personally, I found a couple surprises in the game, such as the number codes answers, which blew my mind apart…  More so with its complexity.

If you have not played the game yet, then you need to do what I did.  Go out, buy yourself a cheap X-Box 360 and get the game.  What do you think about the new DLC coming out for Arkham City?  Does it look like everything you expected it to be?  And finally, are you excited to be playing as Robin?

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