by Kristina

This is a light review on Batman #7. This posting will be exploring certain events taking place in Batman #7, all is not revealed but there are SPOILERS all throughout this posting.


I think that both David Fincher and Ridley Scott are just awesome noir directors. They are best at portraying an air of mystery with their characters developing an epiphany of themselves on how far they are willing to go in a plot driven story. In Batman #7, I found out how well Scott Snyder was totally into noir. It was not entirely action packed, but it opened me up to
seeing how well Snyder allows Bruce and Dick to define themselves in this issue. Bruce has reached an all time paranoia where he actually has a fear of the Talon. As Alfred guides him around the Talon, you see Batman just loses it at the sight of the deactivated Talon. It almost made me feel for him, I mean it was actual fear coming out of Bruce’s voice. Of course, only Alfred witnesses this. What makes it a little bit more terrifying is that at the beginning of the issue, Snyder uses Frank Miller’s portrayal of Bruce becoming Batman with the bat breaking through the window showing Bruce’s rise to Batman. As the bat exits the Wayne Manor, an owl swoops in and kills the bat. The owl silently and nonchalantly eats the bat as though it was eliminating the creature from the natural ecosystem. This can be linked to how Bruce/Batman appears before the Court just a pest that needs to be rid of.


There is a girl named Harper and she looks like she is related to the infamous Lisabeth Salander. I would not go as far as to compare her looks to Rooney Mara, but she is reminds me so much of Naomi Rapace. It is just that air of toughness and cool demeanor that I love about her character.






I love how she revives Batman using cable jumpers and he just so happens to shockingly become revived. It is almost out of a Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Hey, maybe Tarantino can take a crack at this series. Jeez, it would be filled with so much dialogue and sweet quotes throughout the movie. I mean it would just be the sickest grind house Batman movie ever! Maybe Kurt Russel can play Bruce?

The infamous back handed punch or closed slap as I like to call it between Bruce and Dick. I know the scene was suppose to be like “WHOA!” I could not help but just say, “You deserved that Dick! You deserved that!” The one thing I would follow when working with Bruce is that you must never lose your ‘crazy’ or Bruce will back hand your face. I mean it was so calmly done like “This fool! Is he really telling me this garbage? BOOYA!” *KRACK*  Even, when Bruce shows him why he cracked him in the face, I still cannot help but say “You got served in the face!” Never lose it regardless of what happens to you in another series, Dick, do not ever go crazy angry on Bruce. *KRACK*

 Yes, we learn some back history about the Haly Circus and the connection with Dick’s family. I just love how Greg Capullo makes Bruce look so distant in the eyes like he is losing his mind. It is almost like Bruce is becoming more distant with himself because he feels more alone than ever. When has Bruce ever really felt connected with anyone besides getting a little side thing with Catwoman. I think that if Ridley Scott and really David Fincher got their little fingers on this maybe this series would make it to a live action noir movie. Especially, Fincher, he is just so into details and little hints similar to Snyder who does the exact same thing in his writing. I am just afraid that Brad Pitt might become our next Batman if Fincher becomes the director. Scott would just capture the atmosphere of Gotham City turning against Bruce. I love noir films. If we cannot get live action, then I recommend Ghost in the Shell‘s Mamoru Oshii. His work is just pure genius with tons of dark mystery, of course he only dabbles in science fiction anime. Still one can only hope that Warner Bros. will get a clue and let Japan go nuts all over Batman in a dark gritty sense.

Do you think that Warner Bros. should let Japan go psycho on Batman as an animated movie/series? Would Fincher or Scott do the Batman justice as dark gritty noir? Could you see Kurt Russel or Brad Pitt as the next Batman? Does Harper look like a comic book version of Lisabeth Salander? Post below in our comments or on Facebook.



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