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Graham Nolan (Right) and Chuck Dixon (Left)

Last time we heard from Graham Nolan on Bane this time it is, Chuck Dixon!

Legendary comic book writer, Chuck Dixon, discusses with Comic Book Movie about his writing and Bane. Dixon is well known for his co-creation of our back breaking Bane in KnightFall. Dixon discusses the decision to the high point of breaking Batman’s back:

“It was presented to us at a summit of Bat editors and Bat writers. Denny O’Neil laid it all out for us as a loose framework including the dramatic highpoints. Over the next couple of years we riffed off that first presentation but didn’t vary from it much. What Denny presented that day was the spine for all that came next. If there was a dissenting voice, I never heard it.”

That scene is still one of the most epic high points in the Batman universe as well as Bane’s use of intellect to discover Batman’s secret identity as Bruce Wayne. Dixon shares that Bane is very resourceful and can use a person’s body language to figure out their motives as well as identities like he did with Bruce.  Bane’s abilities is more gruesome CIA tactics, nonetheless he is just a TBA (total bad ass) at what he does. Dixon continues his sharing by that Bane has a downfall to his character, in which he has the inability to relate to women. Hmm..that sounds like a movie spoiler to me. Since there are two women involved in The Dark Knight Rises, maybe there will be a definite conflict with Catwoman? His relationship with the opposite gender is due to his upbringing in an all-male world. SPOILERS JUST PLAIN OLE THEORY SPOILERS!

Dixon’s faith in Christopher Nolan is that he believes Nolan will “cherrypick” his way in making the third movie just like he did on the other two movies. He credits Nolan for being such a “Batman Scholar.” The credit should really go to Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer for being such awesome fans. Writers are the gods of the industry and everyone are just pawns! SORRY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, YOU’RE JUST A DEMI-GOD! Good writers make good plots, and good directors can make those plots become real. They work hand in hand.

Do you think that Bane’s inability to relate to women will bring Catwoman to side with Batman? Will Bane’s bewilderment with women cause his fall in The Dark Knight Rises? Comment below or on Facebook.

Source- Comic Book Movie 


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