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For every villain, Batman takes time out to observe and figure out his enemies. It is time to get to the nit grit of Bane and how he came about. Graham Nolan is best known for Knightfall and his part in the creating our iconic villainous Bane. Nolan was interviewed by Cine Web Radio on his take on the creation:

“Bane was created to be the ultimate villain capable of bringing down The Batman. He had to be intelligent, powerful and brutal. Chuck and I discussed many aspects of the character before I set pencil to paper and designed him.”

Chuck Dixon is a legendary comic book writer who works well with Nolan and is responsible for the concept behind the ultimate brutal Bane. Both Nolan and Dixon never believed that Bane would have become such a popular character in the Batman Universe. Bane is nowadays, one of the top ten villains for Batman to fight against. Since the movie is coming out this July, Bane will become at best top five iconic Batman villains in pop culture today. Granted, Bane is already a popular choice among comic book readers who have been loyal to read every issue of the Batman Universe regardless of Joel Schumacher’s portrayal of Bane. Both Nolan and Dixon expressed that they still have not seen Batman and Robin (1997) due to the fact that the portrayed character on screen is not their Bane. The character was much more than a simple minded bodyguard, in which most people who follow only the films see very little in the character as a real threat. Even now, some viewers might still be skeptical.



Still for this July, those nonbelievers will be  proven wrong. Graham Nolan expressed that he liked what he saw in The Dark Knight Rises’ trailers. Nolan clarified that he was never called by Christopher Nolan to work bring about the concept of Bane on screen. Graham Nolan is not at all concerned with Bane’s voice on screen or Bane’s appearance. He stated clearly that movies will always need to change some things physically, but as long as the character stays true. The rest is forgettable. He is overall content with Christopher Nolan’s Bane.

So check out his interview with Cine Web Radio. For a little controversial tibits, Graham Nolan claims that he likes Batman Begins  better than The Dark Knight. Yea, that’s a fight going down. So, which do you prefer better? Batman Begins or The Dark Knight and why? Leave your comments below or on Facebook.

Source- Cine Web Radio via Comic Book Resources



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