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Dark obnoxious comedy anyone? The Dark Knight Chronicles  is the one for you. It is basically a Batman parody, but do not think it is like the 1966 Batman. Robin does noniclet exist in this and there is no such thing as the Batdance. No! This parody shows our hero as obnoxious as he comes  with a huge touch of arrogance. That sounds kind of like our guy on a bad day.

The Dark Knight Chronicles  was achieved by a Batman fan named Luke Neumann who took his love for film making and Batman marrying the two together. Neumann stars as the Cape Crusader along with him his supporting wife, Marika Neumann, and his close friend and photographer, Pete Dryden as Commissioner Gordon. The three film, write, and star in The Dark Knight Chronicles. I must say that their portrayal is just too funny and quite modern. Their approach to Batman is just taking the Cape Crusader’s ego to a whole new level of douche bag. It is not to say that you will hate Batman in the end, but you will start to chuckle and possibly crack up at the obnoxious dialogue between Batman and Gordon.

I present to you the first episode, but I recommend the second episode if you truly want to see Neumann at his best as Batman. If you would like to learn more about Luke Neumann and his company please visit their Youtube channel  to see more of their work. Or you might be interested in their struggle to produce such an entertaining modern parody of The Dark Knight, I will link an article about Neumann and his company below.

Comment below on what you think about  The Dark Knight Chronicles? Is comical, too much, arrogant, or you’re just tired of these damn parodies? Do you think they have a chance at becoming cool Indie filmmakers? Do yo think they took Batman to a whole level of comedy or they trumped at portraying him? We love to see your comments below.

Source-  The Three Tremors (Youtube channel) via Democratherald (article)


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