‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Nominated for 2 Saturn Awards!

While last year’s Batman v Superman infamously received scathing reviews from critics and garnered several Razzie nominations, the Saturn Awards have not forgotten about the Zack Snyder-directed superhero flick. However, on a more positive light.

The nominations for the 43rd Saturn Awards have been unveiled with Batman v Superman receiving nominations for “Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release” and “Best DVD/BD Special Edition Release” for the extended Ultimate Edition. The 2016 superhero flick will be competing against fellow DCEU film Suicide Squad  to win the coveted “Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release” award.

With Batman v Superman withstanding a tremendous magnitude of scrutiny since early 2016; it feels refreshing to know the highly ambitious superhero flick is earning some positive recognition. These two nominations prove Batman v Superman shouldn’t deserve all of the scorn it endured. What it may have lacked in acclaim, it makes up for in ambition.


Philip Lawrence

Ever since he can remember Philip has been a passionate fan of the Batman mythos. He played all four Arkham games, watched all three Christopher Nolan films and started to obsessively read the comics. Outside of being a writer for Dark Knight News Philip is an aspiring actor, theatremaker, filmmaker and maintains a Youtube channel. He hopes to one day create the comics he loves to read so much.