Jai Courtney Wants to Play Captain Boomerang Again in ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

Despite the fact that Suicide Squad grossed nearly $750 million worldwide, there is currently no word yet on a sequel. At the moment, the only thing confirmed regarding this franchise is that fan-favorite Harley Quinn and her fan-favorite actress, Margot Robbie, will appear in a spinoff flick featuring the Birds of Prey.

Apparently, WB and DC have even yet to tell the stars of the flick if there will be a sequel. Or someone is under a non-disclosure agreement.

Jai Courtney played one of the other breakout characters in the movie, Captain Boomerang. Though Boomerang wasn’t featured very prominently, he was used for many successful bits of comedy throughout the movie.

While promoting his new film, Man Down, Courtney spoke with We Got This Covered, and briefly expressed his desire to play the character once more, but claims ignorance about whether Suicide Squad 2 is happening.

Courtney said:

“Listen, they keep their cards very close to their chest. I actually have no idea, I pray the answer is yes. I certainly don’t feel like I’m done with that character. I had a lot of fun playing him, and I don’t feel like anyone is done with that franchise, certainly not yet. So, I hope so, sooner or later. The studio is very busy at the moment, director David Ayer is directing something else at the moment, but I’m sure they have plans, just none that they’ve shared with me.”

When working with a company as large as WB, it’s likely that if there is any traction on a Suicide Squad sequel, Courtney is under a very strict NDA that prevents him from talking lest he dies a financial and legal (metaphorical) death.

WB also seems to seriously take critical consensus into consideration as the Justice League Comic-Con trailer and the change in Suicide Squad‘s tone seemed like a direct response to detractors of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice who called it dour, gloomy, and depressing. So maybe, WB is taking action and addressing the various flaws in Suicide Squad. However, it’s rarely ever a good thing when any creative force caters to fans. Fan service is fun, but in the end, the artist must be able to create what they want in confidence and stand by it.

However, we don’t know anything as of yet, but Dark Knight News will keep you updated.

What do you think? Would you want to see more of Boomerang and Pinky?


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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