DC All Access: First Clip from ‘Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts’

Only DC All Access has an exclusive first look at a new ALL-AGES Batman animated movie—Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts! You’re going to want to take a bite out of this clip featuring Batman and Green Arrow. Then we sit down with writers from Arrow and break down the creative process that goes into creating one of the best shows on television. Then we take a look at some of the scary IZombie-fied selfies you, the fans, submitted! We wrap everything up with a chance to win some fabulous Shazam! prizes.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts arrives on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD on May 12.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

After falling into a vat of chemicals, this fellow adopted the name "Eric Joseph." Some say he is a freelance writer, while others say he can be found frequenting conventions and nightspots in the Detroit area. Needless to say, he prefers his background to be multiple choice.