‘Batman vs. Robin’ Is NOT Based On ‘Court Of Owls’ & More Tidbits

So what exactly was said at the panel following the premiere of Batman: Assault on Arkham last Friday in San Diego? Some rather erroneous information was reported by practically every geek website. The animated films Batman vs. Robin and Justice League: Gods and Monsters are still happening, but the details being circulated are false.

Now let’s set the record straight.

Batman vs. Robin will NOT be based on the comic book arc “Court of Owls”. I can see it happening down the line, but it just won’t be in this film. I suspect it will take inspiration from the Dick Grayson/ Batman and Damian Wayne/ Robin era by Grant Morrison. Also, Justice League: Gods and Monsters will not be written and directed by Bruce Timm. Sam Liu will direct a screenplay by Alan Burnett. These details come straight from producer James Tucker’s Twitter Page.

Both films will be available sometime in 2015.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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