Arrow and the League of Assassins

You're not Batman, but eh, close enough.
You’re not Batman, but eh, close enough.

From here on our there will be spoilers, so be forewarned if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Arrow. This week’s episode was titled ‘The League of Assassins’ and of course, being one of DC’s most notorious organizations, mostly known for tangling with the Dark Knight because of the fixation on him of it’s leader, Ra’s Al Ghul, or his lovely daughter, Talia, there were references to the DC world at large. Nanda Parbat for example, which in this universe is known as a League of Assassin’s training ground. In the comics, it’s a mystical city that’s been seen by various DC heroes, and most noticeably was seen during the Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul by Grant Morrison.

Another interesting thing is that there a ‘child of Ra’s Al Ghul’ that ‘awaits’ the beloved Black Canary. Maybe in this universe, things are reversed, and Talia is not a woman, but a man. And instead of an unhealthy fixation on Batman, it’s one on Black Canary. Professor Ivo, creator of Amazo, is mentioned specifically not to be the one in control of The Amazo, but someone called the ‘Captain’. The only other scientific mind that I could fathom would be T.O. Morrow, Ivo’s long time robotics partner in the comics.

So things are interesting in the Arrow universe. The League of Assassins have Green Arrow to fight instead of Batman and Talia doesn’t seem to be the heir to the throne as it were, if she even exists. For long time as part of Batman’s circle of foes, it seems that the television DC Universe is shifting over to our emerald archer. Since DC is stretching out to create a more large and increasingly more complex DC Universe, it remains to be seen where other heroes will fit into this new picture.