Motorcycle Enthusiast Builds his Own Batpod

A Vietnamese motorcycle enthusiast has built his own replica Batpod, from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Click the jump see more.

About a year ago, DKN put the spotlight on a Batfan and motorcycle enthusiast who created a Batpod prototype. At the time, he was showcasing what looked like an incomplete replica of the Batpod. Since then, that person’s YouTube channel hasn’t been updated with any news on the Batpod prototype. It seems a few months later, someone else on YouTube uploaded a video of what appears to be the same guy, except with a much more complete Batpod. It seems what happens is that this guy just cruises around the city in his Batpod and people see him, bust out a camera or phone, and ask him to stop.

All the body work is pretty badass, but aside from the steering mechanics, I gotta say that the most impressive feature of this piece is the rotating gatling gun that’s apparently powered by the exhaust.

Not to bust the guy’s chops, but it’s not exact by any means. Sure, it bears a strong resemblance to the Batpod and anyone who’s seen the Nolan movies will immediately recognize that that was this guy’s intent from the start, but as a nitpicky elitist Batfan, it just isn’t. But that shouldn’t detract from the fact that this guy is pretty talented and worked hard to create something that’s incredibly cool.


Would you invest the time and effort to create something like this? Can you spot how his Batpod differs from the ones in the Nolan movies? Let me know.

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Adam Poncharoen​sub

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